3 SCARY hygiene facts – Just in time for Halloween


With Halloween just around the corner are you ready to hear some utterly scary hygiene facts?!


Did you know your computer keyboard could contain more bacteria than your average toilet?! In office environments keyboards are used nearly every day and your hands are a primary carrier of harmful bacteria so the two together are a hygiene nightmare!


Your mobile phone is one of the most dirty hand held devices around, with up to 10,000 germs on the screen of each phone! Why not keep a pack of Hygiene Wipes around to give your phone a quick wipe once in a while.


Even the tiniest spaces can hold a vast amount of harmful bacteria. Take the humble light switch for example… It can hold up to 217 types of bacteria per square inch! Now that is scary!

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From everyone at The Hygiene Company, have a happy and hygienic Halloween!