5 Top Tips for Good Gym Hygiene

Women working out in the gym

No one likes to use a sweaty machine or bench some clammy weights. Here are 5 Top Tips too keep you on the right track in the gym.

1. Wipe down EVERY machine you use after you use it. Any good gym should have a wipe down policy and the correct equipment for you to follow it. This should include hygiene wipes or anti-bacterial hand wash. No one likes to use machines or weights which have not been wiped down properly, so you can decrease your chances of coming into contact with harmful bacteria by wiping down your machine and also keeping your hands washed.

2. Keep your changing room tidy and don’t leave rubbish around. The gym changing rooms can be a a busy place and not a nice place if litter and other gym detritus is left lying around. Food waste is a perfect place for hazardous bacteria to hang out, so if every one does their bit changing rooms can be a perfectly pleasant place to be.

3. Clean your Kit. Fungi love a dirty kit bag and gym wear. Wash your kit regularly to avoid nasty odours and the spread of harmful bacteria. Also don’t leave your sweaty gym kit in the bag for days after your session!
4. Shower after every workout. Modern gyms have pretty good showers these days so make the most of them and shower after every gym session. You have paid your membership so why not use the showers too!

5. If you are sick, stay at home. No one likes being ill but its even worse if you have caught something from going to the gym. Don’t ruin other gym goers day by sniffling over the machines.

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