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A messy, unsanitary office leads to workers being distracted easily by piles of rubbish and stacks of paper. Indeed, such workspaces could result in employees frequently getting ill and work not being done due to abnormally high absenteeism. By sticking to a cleaning routine and maintaining a neatly organised work space, employees are much more likely to get their best work done and meet targets.

Our friends at Cleaning Services Group have produced this handy infographic outlining the correlation between tidy work spaces and greater productivity, and we thought we would share with you.

The Hygiene Company is very excited to be exhibiting at the Leisure Industry Week from the 22nd – 23rd of September this year. The event is at the NEC in Birmingham and we are looking forward to exhibiting our latest products.

LIW 2015 and The Hygiene CompanyAs part of our stand we will be introducing your new cleaning team featuring star products such as the innovative WIPEPOD®, the convenient Wet Wipe Station and our range of hygiene wipes and accessories.

The Hygiene Company specialise in hygiene products for gym users and gym owners, so we feel LIW 2015 is the ideal event for us to show the Leisure industry our fantastic products.

Leisure Industry Week 2015 promises to be a great event, here at The Hygiene Company we are looking forward to exhibiting alongside some great businesses such as Russell PlayH3 Performance and 66fit.

Our new cleaning team could be exactly the thing you are looking for as a gym owner or franchisee. Instead of hiring an expensive team of cleaning personnel, why not upgrade your gym hygiene equipment? Convenience Improves Compliance – thats our motto and we know it works. Gym users are much more likely to use hygiene wipes if the dispensers are well stocked and the products do the job. So your gym members become your cleaning team!

Click on the links below to find out more about our Clean Team products…


To find out more about LIW 2015 please visit their website  or check out our Facebook page for more information.


We’re always looking to develop our product range, and our latest offerings – which are coming soon – are two products we’re especially proud of.


Saniori is an intelligent facilities monitoring system. It provides you with a permanent overview and immediate feedback on the status and needs of all your sanitary facilities. Saniori uses a touchscreen to replace that embarassing piece of paper on the wall.


Check out the Video below…



New for 2015 is the Germstar range. Germstar are specialists in hand hygiene and their range of high performance hand gels and sanitisers provides effective protection from the norovirus and other harmful contact based viruses. Read more about the Germstar range on their website here.

If you have not already done so please vote for the WIPEPOD® in the Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards.


The WIPEPOD® is nominated for the Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards

Our flagship product has been nominated for the prestigious Tomorrow’s Cleaning Award.

We believe our product is the best out there and so do our customers. If you are one of our many happy customers please do give the WIPEPOD® your vote:

Voting closes on the 27th of March so get your vote in early! If you would like to read more about the Tomorrow’s Cleaning awards please do click the link below or visit their website here.


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