Avoid flu over the Christmas Holidays.

Christmas flu

So we all like Christmas (apart from those scrooges out there!) and we would all like to be fighting fit to spend time with family, eat plenty of nice food, enjoy giving gifts and have a party or two. The last thing you want is to be stuck in bed with the dreaded flu. Influenza can be a crippling virus leaving sufferers in bed with headaches, a runny nose, congestion around the eyes and a general feeling of being run down; not particularly conducive to a great Christmas.

So if you want to stay well over the Christmas period here are a few tips and ideas.

Wash your hands!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this really is one of the most important hygiene steps you can take into order to combat flu and other viruses. Washing your hands after using tissues helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria leading to the spread of the flu virus.

The NHS on flu:

“Flu can spread if someone with the virus transfers it on their fingers. For example, if you have flu and you touch your nose or eyes and then touch someone else, you may pass the virus on to them.

Similarly, if you have flu and touch hard surfaces such as door handles with unwashed hands, other people who touch the surface after you can pick up the infection.”

Having anti-bacterial wipes or hand gel available and using them regularly can help prevent the spread of flu. This could help the people most at risk to infection such as young children, over 65s and people with existing health issues.

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Get a flu jab

It is advised for at risk groups to have a flu jab which will help combat infection. If you are over 65 and contract flu it is advised you see your Doctor. Complications can arise from contracting flu which mean elderly patients are in a much more vulnerable position.

Unfortunately if you are normally fit and well and contract flu you will just have to ride it out. You can rest, take on plenty of water to prevent dehydration and take pain killers to help with the aches and pains. To avoid the spread of the virus, you should stay away from work, don’t ruin someone else’s Christmas too!

The Common cold is not Flu!

Contrary to popular belief the common cold is not the same as contracting flu. The common cold is in fact from a different group of viruses and the symptoms are not half as severe! So next time you have a bit of a cold think of the person whois actually suffering from flu.

Even with the common cold it is always a good idea to keep hands and surfaces clean and hygienic using wipes or hand wash as this strain of viruses are also spread by hand and surface contamination.

Check out the NHS video on Cold or Flu? here.

So there are a few ways to fight Flu and the common cold. Here at The Hygiene Company we wish you a great run up to the festive season with a flu and cold free Christmas!