Christmas flu

So we all like Christmas (apart from those scrooges out there!) and we would all like to be fighting fit to spend time with family, eat plenty of nice food, enjoy giving gifts and have a party or two. The last thing you want is to be stuck in bed with the dreaded flu. Influenza can be a crippling virus leaving sufferers in bed with headaches, a runny nose, congestion around the eyes and a general feeling of being run down; not particularly conducive to a great Christmas.

So if you want to stay well over the Christmas period here are a few tips and ideas.

Wash your hands!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this really is one of the most important hygiene steps you can take into order to combat flu and other viruses. Washing your hands after using tissues helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria leading to the spread of the flu virus.

The NHS on flu:

“Flu can spread if someone with the virus transfers it on their fingers. For example, if you have flu and you touch your nose or eyes and then touch someone else, you may pass the virus on to them.

Similarly, if you have flu and touch hard surfaces such as door handles with unwashed hands, other people who touch the surface after you can pick up the infection.”

Having anti-bacterial wipes or hand gel available and using them regularly can help prevent the spread of flu. This could help the people most at risk to infection such as young children, over 65s and people with existing health issues.

View our range of anti-bacterial hand washes here: Handwash.

Get a flu jab

It is advised for at risk groups to have a flu jab which will help combat infection. If you are over 65 and contract flu it is advised you see your Doctor. Complications can arise from contracting flu which mean elderly patients are in a much more vulnerable position.

Unfortunately if you are normally fit and well and contract flu you will just have to ride it out. You can rest, take on plenty of water to prevent dehydration and take pain killers to help with the aches and pains. To avoid the spread of the virus, you should stay away from work, don’t ruin someone else’s Christmas too!

The Common cold is not Flu!

Contrary to popular belief the common cold is not the same as contracting flu. The common cold is in fact from a different group of viruses and the symptoms are not half as severe! So next time you have a bit of a cold think of the person whois actually suffering from flu.

Even with the common cold it is always a good idea to keep hands and surfaces clean and hygienic using wipes or hand wash as this strain of viruses are also spread by hand and surface contamination.

Check out the NHS video on Cold or Flu? here.

So there are a few ways to fight Flu and the common cold. Here at The Hygiene Company we wish you a great run up to the festive season with a flu and cold free Christmas!

New in store this month is the 3G ‘Hands in’ Hygiene Hand dryer. We are very happy to have such a quality product in our range of high speed hand dryers. Take a look at the full product spec on the Stream Hygiene Hand Dryer page.

3G_Hand Dryer

To look at the 3G dryer is one of the most distinctive ‘hands in’ hand dryers around. It has been designed with the compact washroom in mind with a thin body and a large easy access opening to provide users with full high powered hand drying satisfaction. The design means that children and wheelchair users are easily able to dry their hands with out struggle. It is made in Europe from stainless aluminium.

We think the overall style of the dryer is perfect for corporate wash rooms, public amenities, and leisure businesses. The 3G dryer comes in four colour variations (white, silver, carbon fibre and leather look) so whatever your washroom needs the 3G dryer is suitable for any environment.

The 3G hand dryer boasts various other features including an easy to empty drip tray which allows the washroom attendant to change the water collection tray quickly and without fuss meaning the dryer down time is reduced significantly. Great for busy wash rooms! The 3G dryer is also treated with anti-bacterial surface protection which means the unit is safe to touch and use.

We think its a great little hand dryer with plenty of power and a great design. To find out more about this product and more, check out the Stream Hygiene page or give our friendly sales team a ring on 0845 370 0030.

Surfaces & Bacteria

Without trying to sound like your home, office or work place is a hotel for harmful bacteria there are some surfaces which tend to harbour more harmful bacteria than others. Its always a good idea to keep on top of cleaning practices to avoid illness or infection. So here are a few surfaces you might want to keep an eye on…

Plastic Chopping Boards Chopping boards generally come into contact with various different types of food on a regular basis so its good to keep them clean and disinfected. Old chopping boards with deep knife marks can often hide more bacteria, replacing your chopping board after 3 years will prevent bacteria build up.The Hygiene Company provide kitchen wipes for both professional catering and home use. Check out our range of wipes here and see how they can make a difference to your kitchen hygiene.

Computer Keyboards How many hours per week would the average office keyboard be in use for? A fair few hours when you think about it! This constant contact with fingers and thumbs means that the spread of bacteria is very easy. Why not give your keyboard a wipe down once a week with our Hygiene Wipes® or better still use a combination of Hygiene Wipes® and our anti-bacterial hand wash.

Wooden Spoons As a porous material wood can often hide harmful bacteria. Its always a good idea to replace your wooden utensils regularly. The common thought to get a good deep clean would be to add wooden objects to the dishwasher load. But high temperatures are likely to cause wood to split, providing more surface area for germs to hide. The general rule is to keep the equipment you use regularly clean and disinfected. If it is old think about replacing it and WASH YOUR HANDS!

To find out about how The Hygiene Company can help provide better hygiene in your work place do give our friendly sales team a ring on 0845 370 0030.

food hygiene card

If you are a catering company dealing with food or food production then then you will have come into contact with the Food Standards Agency the government body which regulates standards in the food industry. The Food Standards Agency are there to safeguard the consumer so its an important element of the food industry and their guidelines must be adhered to.

As a business dealing with food it is of upmost importance to keep up to date with food hygiene. A bad food hygiene rating can really damage customer confidence but above all it can be dangerous to consumers if you are serving or preparing food in an unsuitable environment. With this in mind it is important to maintain a good level of hygiene in kitchens, food preparation areas, food storage areas and eating areas.

Food Hygiene

Our flagship product, the WIPEPOD® is perfect for the kitchen environment. It is proven to increase compliance to hygiene standards and it is sure to impress in the next visit from the hygiene inspector!

Our specially produced Hygiene Wipes help to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria such as e.coli and salmonella. They are gentle on the hands but tough on germs. The wipes are durable and strong with great cleaning power. Perfect for catering surfaces, chopping boards and tables.

To find out more about how the Hygiene Company can help you out with kitchen and workplace hygiene please call our friendly sales team on 0845 370 0030.



With Halloween just around the corner are you ready to hear some utterly scary hygiene facts?!


Did you know your computer keyboard could contain more bacteria than your average toilet?! In office environments keyboards are used nearly every day and your hands are a primary carrier of harmful bacteria so the two together are a hygiene nightmare!


Your mobile phone is one of the most dirty hand held devices around, with up to 10,000 germs on the screen of each phone! Why not keep a pack of Hygiene Wipes around to give your phone a quick wipe once in a while.


Even the tiniest spaces can hold a vast amount of harmful bacteria. Take the humble light switch for example… It can hold up to 217 types of bacteria per square inch! Now that is scary!

To find out more about how the Hygiene Company can help out with your hygiene needs at home and at work why not have a chat to our friendly sales team on 0845 370 0030 or get in touch with us via the live chat on the website.



From everyone at The Hygiene Company, have a happy and hygienic Halloween!


As we all know winter is a time of coughs and sneezes which can spread around the workplace quite quickly. Having your workplace hygiene ready for winter ensures your workplace is running like clockwork with as little absenteeism as possible. Here are a few pointers to get hygiene ready…


It is estimated the flu virus costs the UK economy one billion pounds in time off sick and doctors appointments so it can be a big issue in an office or place of work. The best way to combat the effects of flu is with the flu vaccination. Encouraging your workforce to get vaccinated is the most effective way to reduce time off from illness and increase staff wellbeing. The NHS offer the vaccination for free and regularly put on flu clinics at local health centres.

The old saying ‘Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases’  is very apparent when dealing with the flu virus. The virus spreads rapidly via tiny droplets of liquid dispersed by coughing or sneezing. This is where workplace hygiene comes in. Washing your hands with Alcohol Gel Handwash can prevent the spread of the flu virus via hand contact and Hygiene Wipes can help prevent the spread via hand to surface contact.

Keeping your workplace bathroom clean and stocked up with the latest hygiene products will greatly increase compliance to good hygiene practices over the winter months thus reducing time off sick for your work force.

We always say “Convenience improves Compliance” and our flagship product the WIPEPOD® is really the king of convenience. Its easily accessible wipes mounted in a tough but stylish container make the WIPEPOD® really the best solution to improve workplace hygiene.

Biodrier vs hand towels

So you are in a bathroom, about to wash your hands and you have a decision to make, blue damp paper towels or a contact free high speed hand dryer. Surely that is an easy decision?

For the majority of people it is, the hand dryer wins every time. This is a decision which highlights an important feature of the Hygiene industry – First Impressions Count!

Whether its a sleek new Biodrier or a convenient and stylish WIPEPOD®, up to date bathroom equipment means a lot to end users. If they do not feel confident using your bathroom chances are they won’t be around to use it again.

Of course bathroom equipment is important but so too is bathroom hygiene and cleanliness. No one likes a dirty, poorly kept bathroom so to avoid this businesses must ensure regular maintenance. This is where our Hygiene Monitors come into their own, they signal the end of scruffy hand written maintenance charts and bring in 21st century technology to ensure bathrooms and washrooms are kept up to standard all year round.

To see how The Hygiene Company could help improve your washroom facilities get in touch with our friendly sales team.

Ebola Virus

Since the recent outbreak of the often fatal virus in West Africa many questions have arisen about Ebola and how to prevent the spread. With the help of the NHS Choices website here are three questions and their answers…

What are the symptoms?

An infected person will typically develop a fever, headache, joint and muscle pain, sore throat, and intense muscle weakness. These symptoms start suddenly, between 2 and 21 days after becoming infected, but usually after 5-7 days.

Diarrhoea, vomiting, a rash, stomach pain and impaired kidney and liver function follow.

The patient then bleeds internally, and may also bleed from the ears, eyes, nose or mouth.

Ebola virus disease is fatal in 50-90% of cases. The sooner a person is given care, the better the chances that they will survive.

Who is at risk?

Anyone who cares for an infected person or handles their blood or fluid samples is at risk of becoming infected. Hospital workers, laboratory workers and family members are at greatest risk.

Strict infection control procedures and wearing protective clothing minimises this risk. Simply washing hands with soap and water can destroy the virus.

See our specially formulated hand washes.

How is it treated?

There’s currently no licensed treatment or vaccine for Ebola virus disease, although potential new vaccines and drug therapies are being developed and tested.

Patients need to be placed in isolation in intensive care. Dehydration is common, so fluids may be given directly into a vein (intravenously). Blood oxygen levels and blood pressure need to be maintained at the right level and body organs supported while the patient’s body fights the disease and any other infections are treated.

The likelihood of catching Ebola virus disease is considered very low unless you’ve travelled to a known infected area and had direct contact with a person with Ebola-like symptoms, or had contact with an infected animal or contaminated objects.

To Read the full NHS Choices article click here.




The WIPEPOD® was developed to be as versatile and convenient as possible so you might come across it anywhere! These places are the natural habitat of the WIPEPOD®…

The Gym 

Gyms are a constant hive of activity, people benching weights, running on treadmills and working hard on rowing machines. With all this effort being exerted its not surprising machines and equipment can feel a bit ‘used’! Many gyms are now finding the WIPEPOD® to be the easiest way for people to wipe down equipment. It makes things so easy, non of the usual hunting for wipes or a spray. The WIPEPOD® can be fixed to most walls so everybody knows where it is. After all Convenience Improves Compliance!

The Workshop

Grime, oil, dirt and dust… workshops are sometimes dirty places to be. The WIPEPOD® can handle all of this, with its sturdy outer casing and its powerful grime beating wipes the WIPEPOD® can really make the difference in your workshop or garage.

The Kitchen

Busy, fast paced and sometimes messy, the kitchen is the perfect environment for the WIPEPOD®. Wiping down surfaces and equipment is an important part of the job and can often take time. The WIPEPOD® makes this process a quick and easy task. It makes those valuable wipes easy to reach and quick to deploy.

So there you have it, the WIPEPOD® really is a natural in every environment!


Studies show that the kitchen is the place where germs are most likely to be found. Here are a few tips for keeping the kitchen a safe place to prepare food.

1. If you only remember one thing when in a kitchen remember this……. WASH YOUR HANDS! Germs spread very easily between our hands and food so having a clean pair of hands before engaging in any food prep or cooking is essential. Washing your hands properly when touching raw meat, after going to the toilet and after using the bin can significantly help to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. Using anti-bacterial hand washes and wipes make a real difference in hand and kitchen hygiene.

Read our article on altering hand washing behaviour here.

2. Cook Properly. If you a are a professional chef reading this then you are probably thinking this stuff is obvious! But it is surprising how many people under cook food. If food is under cooked (especially meat and poultry) then there is an increased risk of harmful bacteria being ingested which can cause food poisoning. If in doubt cut into such foods such as chicken, sausages, burgers and other cuts of meat to check they are fully cooked all the way through.

3. Storage. Correct storage of food in kitchens is as important as correct cooking. When storing food in fridges or coolers make sure the food is at room temperature or lower. Putting warm food in a fridge means the food does not cool evenly and therefore can cause food poisoning. Cover your food too, food left out in the open is vulnerable to bacteria.

4. Washing Fruit and Veg. When handling fresh fruit and vegetables it is always advisable to wash them before using them. Washing fruit and veg can help remove harmful germs and bacteria from the foods surface.

5. Cleaning Up. After cooking, cleaning up is very important. The average kitchen chopping board has around 200% more faecal bacteria on it than the average toilet seat and damp sponges and washing up brushes are a haven for bacteria. Washing and wiping down your kitchen equipment using the correct hygiene products can reduce the risk of cross-contamination dramatically. Are you using any of these products in your kitchen?Find out more about how Hygiene Wipes, the WIPEPOD® and our hand wash products can help you keep your kitchen clean.


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