The Cleaning Station

Clean your world – your way

Imagine having a system at your workplace where everything you need to clean – including a range of different types of work surfaces (and to then wash and sanitise your hands) – all secured into one unit. The Cleaning Station is an all-in-one sanitising system – available to buy right here through The Hygiene Company – that allows you to do exactly that.

An all new development in the cleaning supply industry, keep all your cleaning supplies and waste management in one place. Meaning your cleaning staff at your business premises can clean work surfaces with spray and wipe, or through using a pre-moistened towel, which they can then simply throw into the waste receptacle built into the Station. These services are kept in one place with the ultimate level of hygiene maintained through our innovative use of cleaning technology.

* Goods must be returned in original condition and with original packaging.

Boxed weight: 15.00Kg – plus 3 kilos when filled with wipes & gel dispenser

Dimensions: 120x40x27cm

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Wet Wipes Dispenser

The Cleaning Station is the only dispenser on the market that offers you the flexibility of choosing a centre pull moist towelette or dry towel. The cabinet keeps your wet towels moist and your dry towels out of sight.

Interchangable Nozzeles img

Interchangable Nozzles

The Cleaning Station offers unique interchangeable nozzles that allows the user to choose from our line of supplies, or other manufacturer’s brands of center pull dry towels or wet towelettes.

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser img

Wet Wipes Dispenser

The Cleaning Station fits most dispensers and accommodates a variety of sizes with a long length and wide width. User may choose our brand – free when you buy your Cleaning Station with a case of refills.

Hidden Rubbish Receptacle

Keep unsightly rubbish out of view with this easily accessible and removable waste basket. Now 25% larger!


Provides an easily accessible location for 4 items of your choice which may include: spray bottles, tissues, gloves and more.

Weighted Base

The Cleaning Station arrives pre-assembled and ready to use (supplies not included). Weighted at the base for stability and ease of mobility with optional casters (sold separately).

Who Can Use a Cleaning Station?

Health Clubs / Fitness

Ideal for Fitness Facilities, Gyms, Athletic Training Centers, Recreational Centers, Group Activity Rooms, Residential Communities and Military Workout Centers.
Using gym wipes to clean expensive equipment for germ protection is important. However, to really protect yourself from getting sick, sanitizing your hands is essential.

Medical / Healthcare

Ideal for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, chiropractic offices, optometry offices, physical therapy, medical offices, nursing stations, and veterinarian’s offices.
In the news, we are overwhelmed with the facts in regards to the spread of communicable disease. After all, visitors and staff need to be protected from everything they touch.


Ideal for Cafes, Juice Bars, Catering Halls, Fast Food, Cafeterias, Coffee Shops, Diners, Night Clubs and Pizzerias.
What do your customers expect? Fast and efficient service, great food, and a hygienic environment. That’s where The Cleaning Station comes in. Using a dry towel with a disinfectant spray, and a hand sanitiser, your wait staff has a time-saving convenience at their fingertips.

Educational Facilities

Ideal for Schools, Universities, Libraries, Daycare and Religious Institutions.
With today’s growing concerns over the flu, H1N1, MRSA and communicable diseases, it’s a challenge to maintain a germ-free environment. By providing the tools for wiping surfaces and sanitizing your hands, this system works.


Ideal for Warehouse Wholesalers, Apparel Stores, Furniture Stores, Malls and Supermarkets.
Everyone is looking for a sale, but sometimes they pick up germs instead. Give your consumers the right choice so they can swipe away the bacteria and sanitize hands at the same time.


Ideal for Hotels, Motels, Inns, Restrooms, Breakfast Rooms, Restaurants, Cafes, Casino/Cruise Ships, Spas and Fitness Centres.
Compliment your décor with The Cleaning Station. This attractive and stylish addition shows even the most discerning guests how much you care.

At Work

Ideal for Corporate Offices, Reception Areas, Office Buildings, Small Businesses, Conference Rooms, Cafeterias and Fitness Centres.
People at work get sick. Protecting your employees, and your bottom line, is simple with The Cleaning Station. Show your employees how much you care about their health and well-being through “Less Sick Day Practices”.


Where else would you find a self-contained product that helps wipe a surface and then clean hands in one convenient location?
The Cleaning Station is the only all in one sanitizing station in the world.


The Cleaning Station Pre-Moistened Wipes

The Cleaning Station Pre-Moistened Wipes, with a fresh lemon scent, has an FDA approved formula. These water based, alcohol free wipes are non-abrasive and lint-free. Tough enough to help prevent the spread of germs on equipment and surfaces, yet gentle on skin.

  • Color: White
  • 800 wipes per bag
  • 4 rolls per case
  • Wipe size – 7” x 8”

The Cleaning Station Dry Starter Pack

Just enough to get you started. The Cleaning Station dry towel supply starter pack consists of one (1) The Cleaning Station 2-ply towel roll, one (1) Clean Holdings hand sanitizer dispenser, one (1) Clean Holdings Hand Sanitizer gel bag refill, four (4) Mark 11 Disinfectant Packs and two (2) Mark 11 Spray Bottles.

  • Color: White
  • 800 wipes per bag
  • 4 rolls per case
  • Wipe size – 7” x 8”

Clean Holdings Hand Sanitizer

Stock your Cleaning Station or wall mounted dispenser with Clean Holding’s Hand Sanitizer gel refill bags. This bio-based hand sanitizer is produced from renewable resources and enriched with Vitamins A and E. The ultra-moisturizing formula leaves hands feeling soft while clinically proven to kill 99.99% of common germs that may cause illness.

  • 8 gel bags per case
  • 1000 ml gel bags, 700 pumps

Wall Mount Dispenser

Wall mount anti-bacterial gel dispenser releases a metered amount with every manual pump. Sturdy and attractive, it fits anywhere. Uses 1000 ml. gel bag refills (not included).

  • Color: White
  • Dispenser for 1000 ml bags
  • 12 dispensers per case, also sold individually
  • Use with Clean Holdings Hand Sanitizer

Mark 11 Disinfectant by Stearns

Sanitize, deodorize and disinfect surfaces. Mark 11 disinfectant by Stearns kills MRSA, HIV-1, E.coli and more! Conveniently shipped in concentrated packets for easy use and storage – just add water.

  • Each packet makes 1 quart of disinfectant
  • 72 packets per case


Simply add casters to the bottom of The Cleaning Station for ease of mobility. This set of casters adds 2½ inches to the height of The Cleaning Station.

  • Color: black
  • Set of 4
  • 2 Lockable

Mark 11 Spray Bottles, Wide Mouth

These easily refillable wide mouth, industrial trigger spray bottles are screened in accordance with OSHA guidelines with the Mark 11 Disinfectant information and instructions. Convenient and easy-to-use.

  • Sold individually or in cases of 12

Acrylic Sign Holder

Communicate your message in a central location every time someone uses The Cleaning Station. You can easily create your own flyer and place it in this custom-made acrylic holder. It’s a great way to spread the word… not germs.

  • Color: clear
  • Size: 8½ x 11
  • Attaches to the back of The Cleaning Station

The Cleaning Station Wet Starter Pack

Give our pre-moistened towels a try! The Cleaning Station wet wipes supply starter pack consists of one (1) The Cleaning Station wet wipes refill bag, one (1) Clean Holdings hand sanitizer dispenser and one (1) Clean Holdings Hand Sanitizer gel bag refill.

  • Color: White
  • 800 wipes per bag
  • 4 rolls per case
  • Wipe size – 7” x 8”

Deodorizer & Wafers

Add a Clean Holdings Air Freshener to your Cleaning Station for room deodorizing. Attaches perfectly to one of The Cleaning Station’s 4 shelves. Simply peel and stick in place against the middle divider.

  • Color – Onyx or Steel
  • Battery operated
  • Wafer choices (scented or odorless)

Lifetime Warranty
From the date of purchase all customers are guaranteed a lifetime warranty, because we firmly trust that hygiene is a lifetime investment. Our products are made to not only to provide a healthy environment, but to maintain it as long as need be. Part of our promise to you means that we put time and effort into ensuring that our products outlast all others, making our investment of effort and your patronage matter the most.


Product Customisation

You are welcome to design your artwork for us to print and apply direct to the Cleaning Station – please ask for templates.
Alternatively, provide us with your logos as an EPS/JPEG file and we will draft artwork for your approval.

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