Desk Hygiene – The Facts

desk hygiene from dettol

A few days ago an article by The Daily Mail was brought to my attention. The article looked into the subject of desk hygiene and the workplace habits of office workers. With the help of a Dettol infographic some quite surprising stats were banded about. Here is a small summary of the points covered…

  •  Unhygienic working conditions are a ‘key contributor’ to millions of working days lost to sickness each year
  • More than 10 million bacteria lurk on the average office desk with 7,500 organisms hidden in your keyboard
  • 2/3 office workers work at their desk
  • 1/5 office workers don’t clean their desk before eating

Read the full article here or find out how The Hygiene Company can create a more hygienic working environment by getting in touch with our very nice sales team here.