Our unique infrared touchless dispensing system eliminates cross infection and provides complete hand sanitation. It is:

  • A liquid rinse rather than a sticky gel therefore leaving no residue
  • Dispenser uses 100% of solution
  • Each sachet gives up to 1400 doses of solution
  • Made of 100% natural emollients
  • Softens hands with a built in moisturiser
80% of all infectious diseases are spread via the hands.
Germstar® kills 99.9% of all transient bacteria, viruses and fungus on contact.

Germstar® also provide a range of dispensers to suit your needs. Our pen bottles fit neatly into your pocket for convenience while our 16oz bottles are perfect where space is at a premium.

Germstar® Alcohol Gels

Germstar® Original

Germstar® flagship, hospital strength solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol with special skin softening emollients and a fresh mint scent. Very effective against the most common disease causing germs. (colds, flu’s, viruses and fungi.)

Germstar® Noro

Noro is scientifically formulated and certified to kill norovirus. It is used in the cruise line industry, care homes and schools. Leaves skin soft with a light mint scent. 1200 measures per sachet with no waste.

Germstar® Citrus

Up to 1200 measures per sachet with no waste. Citrus is the most popular solution ideal for restaurants, pubs, catering, school and offices

Germstar® Extra Mild Soap

Germstar® Extra Mild Soap

Germstar’s® Extra Mild Soap is formulated to produce a gentle cleansing wash that is easy on the hands. It will leave hands clean, soft and with a light, pleasant scent. This product is high in quality, yet economical and popular in high volume applications.

Germstar® D-Limonene Degreaser

Germstar® D-Limonene Degreaser

Up to 1400 measures per sachet and no waste. Germstar’s® D-Limonene Degreaser is a specially formulated grease-cutting solution. It is highly effective in removing oily residues, yet gentle on the skin.

Material Safety Data Sheets

We’re happy to provide copies of the Material Safety Data Sheets for any of our products. To request a copy, please contact us.


Germstar’s® Extra Mild Soap is available in refills for the touchless dispenser, you can buy now at Wetwipes Warehouse, here.

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