High-speed hand dryers

Providing a high-speed, efficient hand dryer in your facilities not only encourages your staff and visitors to wash their hands in the first place, but it also saves them time in their working day. At The Hygiene Company, we believe in providing energy-efficient, hygienic products for our customers, so you can be assured you’re investing in quality.

Hand towels vs Biodrier Business
Here at The Hygiene Company, we put our products to the test to ensure they meet our standards. We decided to put high-speed dryer, Biodrier Business, up against standard washroom paper towels and their dispenser. Here are the results:
The figures
The most important thing is cost. Biodrier products will significantly reduce the amount you spend on running costs for a washroom. Hand towels cost on average £0.02 per dry, while Biodrier Business only costs £0.0003 per dry. That could be an annual saving of £1078.57.
The level of hygiene
As Biodrier Business offers a completely contact-free high-speed hand drying system, you wont have to worry about used or dirty paper towels.
The appearance
For a business, consumer confidence is key. Does your washroom send out the right message? The sleek and modern design of Biodrier Business lends itself well to a professional environment.

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