Hygiene Hand Dryers

The Hygiene Company has decided to deliver Hygiene Hand Dryers, a quality range of high speed hand dryers for use in a wide range of washrooms. The Hygiene Dryer range of high speed hand dryers are designed and manufactured in Europe and around the world. Here at The Hygiene Company we are proud to be associated with such a range of quality products.

2G Dryer

The new 2G Dryer is the most affordable ‘hands in’ high speed hand dryer out there. Manufactured in Europe with the same high quality motor and parts as the 3G Dryer, it is more competitively priced than any other ‘hands in’ dryer anywhere.

Delivering a 10 second dry time with a unique design at the lowest price makes this the most desirable hands-in dryer on the market.

3G Dryer

The 3G Dryer is the latest innovation in high speed hand dryers. Compared to the market leading ‘hands-down’ dryer the 3G Dryer is 25% more energy efficient, 30% smaller and 25% less expensive. It has been designed to make hand drying easier for small children and wheelchair users but also boasts a stylish and compact design.

Made in Europe from stainless aluminium, it is also treated with anti-bacterial surface protection and has anti-bacterial copper filters ensuring it is clean to touch and clean to use.


The Windsor dryer is ideal for refurbishment projects as the larger body will cover the screw holes left by the previous dryer.

The Windsor Dryer offers a 10 second drying time, vandal proof steel outer casing, warm and ambient air flow and blue LED down lights.

The Windsor is available to buy or hire from the Hygiene Company in four different colour variations: Polished Stainless Steel, Black Steel, Satin Steel and White Steel.


Oasis White SteelOasis_silver
The Oasis dryer is probably the world’s most energy-efficient hand dryer at just 550W and a 10-12 second dry time.

Available in White steel or Polished Chrome, this is also one of the most compact dryers on the market. Not only is the Oasis innovative with it’s Blue LED down light and easy-fit wiring, it has a built-in ioniser which helps to purify the air.

Inside the cover you will find a switch which enables the housekeeper to select ambient air flow (550W) or heated air flow (1250W). This gives you freedom of choice from one model to ensure both maximum energy-efficiency and user comfort.

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