Hand Hygiene Day 5th of May 2015


The Hand Hygiene Day 2015 is fast approaching so get involved and show your support for Hand Hygiene by using the hashtag #safeHANDS. 

Hand Hygiene Day is a chance for everyone involved with healthcare and hand hygiene to really shout about how important hand hygiene is. Infections spread by hand contact are a big problem in today’s world with infections leading to serious health problems, increased pressure on healthcare organisations and increased resistance to antibiotics. Here at the Hygiene Company we know its an important issue and this is why we promote good hand hygiene with all our products.  Raising awareness for this global issue will help so many vulnerable people as World Health Organisation Leader Professor Didier Pittet explains here:

Safe hands save lives, that is clear. The energy and commitment shown around the globe in support of 5 May is incredible! This social movement shows that health workers all over the world are committed to keeping patients safe every day with this simple, yet life-saving, action. Please keep going, please continue to promote hand hygiene at the point of care as a key quality indicator of safe health-care systems. I thank you and look forward to seeing more of your 5 May activities.

To find out more about Hand Hygiene Day and the #safeHANDS campaign watch the video below or get involved on social media.