Hygienic Handwash – For people who want to be absolutely sure of hand cleanliness

Across Britain (the world, in fact) the spreading of infections and viruses could be reduced greatly if people washed and dried their hands thoroughly after using the toilet, before eating or handling food, after sneezing and coughing, and after handling animals. Diarrhoea, vomiting, respiratory diseases… the root cause of all these (and many other conditions) is poor hand hygiene.

So, how do you encourage people (customers, staff, visitors to your business premises…) to adhere more to hand hygiene compliance, so that the aforementioned conditions (and the workplace absenteeism that often results) is avoided?

Alcohol Handwash

Our alcohol hand wash is proven in improving adherence to hand hygiene compliance, and has been shown to: terminate outbreaks in healthcare facilities, reduce transmission of antimicrobial resistant organisms.

Liquidate Hand Gel

Liquidate is an alcohol-based hand cleaning gel, enriched with Aloe Vera and Silver Biocide for enhanced cleaning and protection.

Alcohol-Free Handwash

Alcohol-free handwash from Onedrywash and ecosan. They come in several formats, all of which have the same, proven anti-bacterial, anti-viral, sporicidal and anti-fungal action. Read More

Handwash Dispensers

Our dispensers feature interchangeable pump modules (liquid, spray, foam or electronic) that can be replaced on site, and refillable or cartridge options to suit your requirements.

Our Handwashes Offer Gentle But Thorough Cleansing

Making hand washing quick, easy, convenient and enjoyable is the answer. Saying Goodbye to the traditional method of hand washing and drying for ever, and instead having modern hand washes and high-speed hand dryers in public washrooms (and in the workplace) is proven to increase hand hygiene compliance – by transforming hand washing from a hassle, to a pleasure.
We can supply you with a range of hand washes that differ in their formula but which all ultimately give you what you need from a handwash – excellent hand hygiene that you can rely on and trust to be long-lasting, but without damaging your skin.
After using any of the four handwash types we can supply, your hands will be perfectly clean and well protected while still feeling delightfully soft.

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