Handwash Dispensers

Liquid, spray or foam soap? You decide.

What makes a hygiene soap dispenser perfectly designed in terms of functionality?

handwash dispensers

You need five things:

1) Years of design experience

2) Bags of design talent

3) Unmatched technical expertise

4) First-class manufacturing facilities

5) A feel for changing trends in the marketplace


Our dispenser designs offer a whole host of customer advantages. What’s more, they come in a range of colour options, so you can choose the model that matches your colour scheme.

Other benefits:

Using a universal enclosure, the dispensers can be fitted with a variety of interchangeable pumps (allowing the delivery of liquid, spray or foam soap)
Dispensers can include a variety of ‘plug and play’ components, including a refillable reservoir, disposable bottle, and disposable pouch
The cover will lock automatically when it is closed (and can be selected to open with the use of either a push button or the supplied key)
Both manual pump and electronic pump versions of the dispenser are available

Modular Soap Dispensers

These come with:

Interchangeable pumps (allowing the delivery of liquid, spray or foam soap) that can be replaced onsite

Refillable or cartridge options, to suit your requirements

An institutional version of the modular soap dispenser is also available, offering a completely disposable pump and cartridge that is ideally suited for situations where hygiene is critical.


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