Washroom Hygiene Monitors

Show your customers that you really care by tracking facility cleaning time and attendance.

The choice of true professionals

Having a Hygiene Monitor at your workplace allows you to manage, audit and review your cleaning regime.

Find out who did what, when it happened, how long it took and what other’s think with the system’s intuitive tracking facilities and feedback options.

Choose from a range of five Hygiene Monitors:


Like all the monitors in our range, our Standard model has been designed to enhance your hygiene practices and improve processes. When positioned within your facilities, the Standard monitor helps to issue confidence that your cleaning monitoring is being performed to the highest of professional standards.

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Standard PlusStandard Plus Hygiene Monitor

The Standard Plus monitor offers all the features of the Standard monitor, but also includes night and day settings. This allows you to set separate predetermined countdowns for different time periods, accounting for activity peaks and lows.

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ProfessionalProfessional Hygiene Monitor

As well as all the options of the Standard Plus model, our Professional monitor enables users to go into a negative countdown upon reaching zero (maximum negative count -19:59 minutes). Users also have the option to alternate between a live clock and countdown etc.

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Professional PlusStandard Plus Hygiene Monitor

Our Professional Plus Hygiene Monitor allows you to better monitor your cleaning staff by accurately recording the time, date, location and the name of the person who cleaned your facilities. This is done using a credit card sized ‘Smart card’ issued to individual employees.

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UltimaUltima Hygiene Monitor

While incorporating all the great features of the other models, the Ultima monitor allows you to collect and store customer feedback using interactive buttons with options for ‘Poor’, ‘Fair’, ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’. This gives you the insight you need to maintain and improve your hygiene practices.

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Note: all models are upgradeable at any time.
If you plan to run your monitors on mains power, you will need an adapter (recommended if you are using footfall).
What our Hygiene Monitors can do for you

Capture data – accurately record the time, date, location and the name of the person who attended your facilities. Employees are individually issued with a Smart card to use every time they are scheduled to clean and monitor your facilities. You can then view all data collected digitally.
Record footfall – gain a valuable insight into understanding who visits your facilities. Identify patterns of low and peak-time customer washroom usage, allowing you to allocate cleaning staff more effectively.

Improve your business image and customer confidence

Installing a Hygiene Monitor in your facilities can help to:
Improve cleaning management
Enhance your company image
Raise customer confidence

Stand our from the crowd

We’ve all done it, put off using washroom facilities in the workplace and in public places. Why? Because the facilities aren’t up to scratch.
Washroom Hygiene Monitors from The Hygiene Company are designed to allay such fears. As well as prompting cleaning staff when the next clean is due, our monitors give visual reassurance to both staff and customers that the facilities are spotlessly clean and fit for use.
We are the biggest and the best
Our Hygiene Monitors send out a powerful message to customers that you genuinely care about their welfare. We’ve been designing and manufacturing this product for over 10 years and in that time, we have listened to our customers’ feedback and incorporated it into our development. This has helped us to become leading competitors in the hygiene product industry.

Hygiene Monitor Comparison Chart
The Hygiene Company – No.1 For choice, No.1 for flexibility
Monitor features include:
Simple countdown
Custom 4-digit LCD display
Counts down from up to 19h 99 minutes to zero minutes
Internal real-time clock 12 / 24 hour clock – AM / PM
Countdown monitor
Infra-Red Key Fob:
The (optional extra) infra-red remote allows remote resetting of the Hygiene Monitor. Just press the button on the key fob and the countdown will be reset.
Smart Card:
Operators can ‘log in’ using a secure Smart card – the machine logs the date, time and card number (card is coded differently to the card for resetting the time)
Operators can also reset the time using a secure Smart card – the machine logs the date, time and card number
Manager uses another type of Smart card to offload the ’audit log’, which can then be read on a PC, displayed and saved in a database format
Customer Feedback:
Invites your washroom users to rate the condition in which they have found your facilities.
Four buttons: Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent
Option to bleep if Poor or Fair is pressed more than, say, five times within a countdown period
Data shows what time buttons were pressed
There is a delay on buttons pressed, so that Poor can’t be pressed continuously – only the last button pressed within, for example, the five-second period shown
SMS Facility
The SMS facility can be added to all of our Hygiene Monitors. The facility allows text messages to be sent from the monitor to a mobile phone, providing updates on the monitor’s status.
The standard colours and shapes used are OVAL and A4, produced in metal powder paint, and finished in white or silver. Face plates can be printed to your specific requirements. We also produce in vacuum-formed plastic, which fits flush against the wall.
Custom-designed Hygiene Monitors
Where possible, we endeavour to create products to customers’ specific requirements – you are then not buying an ‘off the shelf‘ item, but a unique one. Tell us the shape, size, finished colour, specific text / wording and logos to be used, and we’ll do the rest.
Don’t get left behind
More and more businesses and organisations across the country are purchasing hygiene monitors from The Hygiene Company. In fact, the day is fast-approaching when having a hygiene monitor from us in a washroom is expected – particularly as greater adherence to hygiene compliance is becoming more commonplace. If your facilities don’t measure up, the way your company is perceived may be damaged, and your customers might just look elsewhere. To avoid that, get in touch!

Rent a monitor for less than £2 per week
Our monitor rental deals allow you to spread the Ultima Hygiene Monitorcost of your monitors over a 3 or 5 year plan. You could order an Ultima Monitor for less than £2 per week on our five year plan!

Example plan – Ultima Hygiene monitor

Rental Plan Quarterly Cost* Monthly Cost* Weekly Cost*
3 Years £38.36 £12.79 £2.95
5 Years £24.83 £8.28 £1.91

*these are guideline prices. 

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