Ultima and Ultissimo Hygiene Monitors

Including the user in hygiene monitoring

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Get useful customer feedback!

If you want all the great features that the Professional Plus washroom hygiene monitor has to offer, but also want your washroom users to rate the condition in which they found the facility, opt for the Ultima. Including users in the monitoring process can help to maintain cleanliness to the highest standards. Poor, Fair, Good or Excellent are the rating options users can choose from, and all they’ll have to do is simply press a customer feedback button to make their feelings known. And for extra functionality, add SMS messaging, or even better, opt for the Ultissimo, which provides footfall monitoring, to optimise routines by knowing when your washrooms are at their busiest and quietest.

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Ultima Hygiene Monitor
  • The option to bleep if Poor or Fair is pressed more than, say, five times within a countdown period Data showing what time buttons were pressed
  • Delay on buttons pressed so that Poor can’t be pressed continuously
  • Custom 4-Digit LCD Display
  • Countdown monitor (counts down from up to 19hrs 99 minutes to zero minutes)
  • Internal real-time clock 12 / 24 hour clock – AM / PM
  • Smart card ‘socket’
  • Operators can reset the time using a secure Smart card – the machine logs the date, time and card number
  • Operators can ‘log in’ using their Smart card – the machine logs the date, time and card number (card is coded differently to the card used for resetting the time)
  • Manager uses another type of Smart card to offload the ‘audit log’, which can then be read on a PC, displayed and saved in a database format
  • Storage in the audit log of the most recent 1200 reset events (equivalent to 50 days x 24 resets/day)
  • Configurable modes of operation
  • Auto BST/GMT time adjustments
  • Menu button to set time, all other configurations set by Smart card
  • Countdown setting: Max 24.00 hrs Min 0.01 minute
  • Option to vary settings between day-time & night-time countdown
  • On reaching ‘0’ – ‘INSPECTION NOW DUE’ flashes
  • Reset using individually assigned card reader
  • Option to go into a negative count display – together with the word ‘INSPECTION NOW DUE’ displayed
  • Late inspection, will display up to – 19.59 mins (19hrs 59 mins)
  • Can alternate between actual time and countdown monitor
  • Displays – Day – Date – AM / PM
  • Storage data indicator
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • Self-adjusting clock between winter & summer times
  • Adjustment for LCD contrast
  • Retains information even when the battery is ‘dead’
  • PC Utility software feature
  • Read manager Smart card, display the data and save to a database
  • Configure operator ‘reset’ and ‘clock-in’ cards, stored as a list of names/card numbers on the PC
  • Create a blank ‘manager’ card
  • SMS Text messaging (optional extra)
  • Mains operation
  • Battery life expectancy – we guarantee 9-12 months minimum – although we often see 2/3 years
  • Battery life expectancy with footfall counter – 4/5 months – Optional extra: theres is the option to run these units off mains power supply using a transformer
  • Battery life expectancy with SMS feature – as yet unknown given this is only recently introduced


All sizes and weights are approximate. Weight includes battery.

Plastic oval Weight: 1.28 kg
Height: 280 mm
Depth: 40 mm
Width: 366 mm
Large plastic oval Weight: 2.28 kg
Height: 440 mm
Depth: 50 mm
Width: 520 mm
Small metal oval Weight: 3.8 kg
Height: 322 mm
Depth: 50 mm
Width: 410 mm
Large metal oval Weight: 6.06 kg
Height: 445 mm
Depth: 60 mm
Width: 525 mm
A4 Portrait Weight: 3.14 kg
Height: 310 mm
Depth: 50 mm
Width: 240 mm
A4 Landscape Weight: 3.14 kg
Height: 240 mm
Depth: 50 mm
Width: 310 mm
Special shape Weight: 3.84 kg
Height: 220 mm
Depth: 55 mm
Width: 410 mm


Ultima Hygiene Monitor









Like the Standard Monitor, the Standard Plus, the Professional, and the Professional Plus, the Ultima can be custom designed. Tell us the specific shape, size, finished colour, exact text / wording and logos you want, and our experienced team will get to work.

Please note: When running footfall, the Hygiene Monitor battery life expectancy is greatly reduced to approximately 4/5 months.
You can purchase a connection lead & transformer in order to operate off a mains supply if preferred.

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