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Mitsubishi Electric - CFB VECTOR 3001

The high-speed Jet TowelTM hand dryer uses jet streams of air to dry hands, eliminating the paper waste associated with the use of paper towels, and thus relieving you of the trouble of waste disposal as well.

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Appealing to building management companies too! The only maintenance required is clean the air filter and removing water from the drain tank. Save time by eliminating the daily replenishment of paper towels, disposal of paper waste and replacing rolled-cloth towels.
Most importantly, the Jet Towel appeals to customers thanks to being:

  • Evaluated highly for its sanitary characteristics – the Jet TowelTM is popular among facilities and shops alike.
  • In addition to its ability to dry hands completely in a matter of seconds and offer a clean sanitary environment for customers, maintenance and upkeep costs are minimized for maximum cost efficiency. The result, enhanced customer service.
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Open side design


The dryer is open on both sides, enabling easy hand access from the side without touching the unit. Inserting hands from the sides as shown in the photo, and slowly raising and lowering them a few times maximizes drying performance.

Upper and Lower Sensor Operation

SensorsFor smooth and reliable operation, the dryer is equipped with upper and lower sensors. Once hands are fully inside, lower sensor detection starts the airflow, and when hands are removed completely, upper sensor detection stops the dryer, preventing water drops from blowing back up. The New Slim Type is equipped with a “Child Sensor*” further enhancing operation ease.

Comfortable Positioning


Development included studying a hand insertion angle comfortable and easy to use for a majority of people. As the result, the front panel is gently slanted outward, creating an ergonomic hand insertion angle of approximately 15° that allow users to stand comfortably and naturally when inserting their hands into the trough.

Antibacterial Treatment

antibacterial All parts susceptible to coming in contact with water, such as hand drying section, drain tank and water drainage duct (drain hose), are subjected to antibacterial treatment to ensure highly sanitary conditions.

Independent Air Ducts

In addition to an extremely hygienic touch-free design, emphasis has also been placed on ensuring the flow of fresh-air. The air-intake port and airflow route are isolated from the water drainage duct in Mitsubishi Electric products. Inserting the hands triggers a jet-stream of fresh air without using any air in the vicinity of the hands.

Alcohol-resistant Resin

An alcohol-resistant resin is used, enabling alcohol-based products to be used for cleaning the handdrying section, drain tank and water drainage duct where sanitary conditions are a matter of concern. The open-side design, which allows easy hand access from either side, ensures quick and thorough cleaning of the hand-drying section as well.


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