Helping To ‘Spread The Word’ (not bacteria or germs)

These days, news is no longer ‘tomorrow’s chip paper’. The arrival of the Internet, article submission and blogging etc. has seen to that. And, in most cases, when something is published online, it’s there for ever. That means publicity and news about your business or organisation always being positive and informative is essential. But how many times have you read an article, press release or blog post and generally enjoyed it, but come away thinking: “But I still haven’t got the key information I was seeking”?

You Heard It Here First

Articles that are well written, interesting, informative and useful (and which stay on topic) are the kind people prefer to read, for obvious reasons. After all, people are busier than ever these days; they don’t have time to wade through a load of waffle only to then find that they still need to seek their required information elsewhere.

All this is why, on the Press Page, you’ll only find articles that are, not fillers, but useful and informative pieces – articles that (like our products!) will help you to stay on top of cleanliness.

Because Everyone Likes a Good Read

To help you, we’ve arranged the different core themes into categories. And you can choose between reading recent posts and digging a little deeper by perusing a wealth of useful info in our archives section.