Product Showcase – The Hygiene Monitor

Introducing the benchmark in Hygiene Standards – The Hygiene Monitor!

Here at The Hygiene Company we are passionate about customer well being and hygiene, but how do you measure the your customer well being? By using one of our specially developed, customisable hygiene monitors.


Our monitors can track the state of your wash room, improve customer hygiene and also enhance your first impression.

So what do you get with one of our Hygiene Monitors?

  • LCD display
  • Customer feedback options
  • Countdown timer
  • SMS text feature
  • PC utility software for analytics

(based on the Ultima Range.)

With the arrival of Hygiene Monitors,  scruffy and unorganised paper charts are a thing of the past.

Check out the full range of Hygiene Monitors here.

Convenience Improves Compliance!