Spring Cleaning Top Tips

Spring Cleaning Top Tips

Spring has sprung! So now its the ideal time to get a little spring cleaning under your belt. Here are a few handy tips compiled by The Hygiene Company team…

The Dish Sponge. The average dish scrubber and sponge has around 10million bacteria living on every square inch. Not great considering its supposed to be something to keep your dishes clean! Tip: Try Microwaving the sponge for 2 minutes every other day to kill the harmful bacteria.

The Chopping Board. Your chopping board is used to prepare so many different types of food so the chances of bacteria build up are very high. The average chopping board has more two hundred times more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat. Its certainly time to give your chopping board a spring clean. Tip: Clean the board with a baking soda and water paste.

Refrigerator Seals. Mold is usually a big problem in these areas, 83% of the time refrigerator seals have mold present. Tip: Use WD-40 or a similar spray oil to deplete the mold and vinegar to keep the mold away.

If these old school tips are not working for you why not try our hand and surface Hygienewipes powered by Sterizar and Envirocair.