Surfaces and Bacteria: Which ones to watch out for!

Surfaces & Bacteria

Without trying to sound like your home, office or work place is a hotel for harmful bacteria there are some surfaces which tend to harbour more harmful bacteria than others. Its always a good idea to keep on top of cleaning practices to avoid illness or infection. So here are a few surfaces you might want to keep an eye on…

Plastic Chopping Boards Chopping boards generally come into contact with various different types of food on a regular basis so its good to keep them clean and disinfected. Old chopping boards with deep knife marks can often hide more bacteria, replacing your chopping board after 3 years will prevent bacteria build up.The Hygiene Company provide kitchen wipes for both professional catering and home use. Check out our range of wipes here and see how they can make a difference to your kitchen hygiene.

Computer Keyboards How many hours per week would the average office keyboard be in use for? A fair few hours when you think about it! This constant contact with fingers and thumbs means that the spread of bacteria is very easy. Why not give your keyboard a wipe down once a week with our Hygiene Wipes® or better still use a combination of Hygiene Wipes® and our anti-bacterial hand wash.

Wooden Spoons As a porous material wood can often hide harmful bacteria. Its always a good idea to replace your wooden utensils regularly. The common thought to get a good deep clean would be to add wooden objects to the dishwasher load. But high temperatures are likely to cause wood to split, providing more surface area for germs to hide. The general rule is to keep the equipment you use regularly clean and disinfected. If it is old think about replacing it and WASH YOUR HANDS!

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