With Halloween just around the corner are you ready to hear some utterly scary hygiene facts?!


Did you know your computer keyboard could contain more bacteria than your average toilet?! In office environments keyboards are used nearly every day and your hands are a primary carrier of harmful bacteria so the two together are a hygiene nightmare!


Your mobile phone is one of the most dirty hand held devices around, with up to 10,000 germs on the screen of each phone! Why not keep a pack of Hygiene Wipes around to give your phone a quick wipe once in a while.


Even the tiniest spaces can hold a vast amount of harmful bacteria. Take the humble light switch for example… It can hold up to 217 types of bacteria per square inch! Now that is scary!

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From everyone at The Hygiene Company, have a happy and hygienic Halloween!


As we all know winter is a time of coughs and sneezes which can spread around the workplace quite quickly. Having your workplace hygiene ready for winter ensures your workplace is running like clockwork with as little absenteeism as possible. Here are a few pointers to get hygiene ready…


It is estimated the flu virus costs the UK economy one billion pounds in time off sick and doctors appointments so it can be a big issue in an office or place of work. The best way to combat the effects of flu is with the flu vaccination. Encouraging your workforce to get vaccinated is the most effective way to reduce time off from illness and increase staff wellbeing. The NHS offer the vaccination for free and regularly put on flu clinics at local health centres.

The old saying ‘Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases’  is very apparent when dealing with the flu virus. The virus spreads rapidly via tiny droplets of liquid dispersed by coughing or sneezing. This is where workplace hygiene comes in. Washing your hands with Alcohol Gel Handwash can prevent the spread of the flu virus via hand contact and Hygiene Wipes can help prevent the spread via hand to surface contact.

Keeping your workplace bathroom clean and stocked up with the latest hygiene products will greatly increase compliance to good hygiene practices over the winter months thus reducing time off sick for your work force.

We always say “Convenience improves Compliance” and our flagship product the WIPEPOD® is really the king of convenience. Its easily accessible wipes mounted in a tough but stylish container make the WIPEPOD® really the best solution to improve workplace hygiene.


The WIPEPOD® was developed to be as versatile and convenient as possible so you might come across it anywhere! These places are the natural habitat of the WIPEPOD®…

The Gym 

Gyms are a constant hive of activity, people benching weights, running on treadmills and working hard on rowing machines. With all this effort being exerted its not surprising machines and equipment can feel a bit ‘used’! Many gyms are now finding the WIPEPOD® to be the easiest way for people to wipe down equipment. It makes things so easy, non of the usual hunting for wipes or a spray. The WIPEPOD® can be fixed to most walls so everybody knows where it is. After all Convenience Improves Compliance!

The Workshop

Grime, oil, dirt and dust… workshops are sometimes dirty places to be. The WIPEPOD® can handle all of this, with its sturdy outer casing and its powerful grime beating wipes the WIPEPOD® can really make the difference in your workshop or garage.

The Kitchen

Busy, fast paced and sometimes messy, the kitchen is the perfect environment for the WIPEPOD®. Wiping down surfaces and equipment is an important part of the job and can often take time. The WIPEPOD® makes this process a quick and easy task. It makes those valuable wipes easy to reach and quick to deploy.

So there you have it, the WIPEPOD® really is a natural in every environment!


Studies show that the kitchen is the place where germs are most likely to be found. Here are a few tips for keeping the kitchen a safe place to prepare food.

1. If you only remember one thing when in a kitchen remember this……. WASH YOUR HANDS! Germs spread very easily between our hands and food so having a clean pair of hands before engaging in any food prep or cooking is essential. Washing your hands properly when touching raw meat, after going to the toilet and after using the bin can significantly help to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. Using anti-bacterial hand washes and wipes make a real difference in hand and kitchen hygiene.

Read our article on altering hand washing behaviour here.

2. Cook Properly. If you a are a professional chef reading this then you are probably thinking this stuff is obvious! But it is surprising how many people under cook food. If food is under cooked (especially meat and poultry) then there is an increased risk of harmful bacteria being ingested which can cause food poisoning. If in doubt cut into such foods such as chicken, sausages, burgers and other cuts of meat to check they are fully cooked all the way through.

3. Storage. Correct storage of food in kitchens is as important as correct cooking. When storing food in fridges or coolers make sure the food is at room temperature or lower. Putting warm food in a fridge means the food does not cool evenly and therefore can cause food poisoning. Cover your food too, food left out in the open is vulnerable to bacteria.

4. Washing Fruit and Veg. When handling fresh fruit and vegetables it is always advisable to wash them before using them. Washing fruit and veg can help remove harmful germs and bacteria from the foods surface.

5. Cleaning Up. After cooking, cleaning up is very important. The average kitchen chopping board has around 200% more faecal bacteria on it than the average toilet seat and damp sponges and washing up brushes are a haven for bacteria. Washing and wiping down your kitchen equipment using the correct hygiene products can reduce the risk of cross-contamination dramatically. Are you using any of these products in your kitchen?Find out more about how Hygiene Wipes, the WIPEPOD® and our hand wash products can help you keep your kitchen clean.


We all know certain surfaces can harbour harmful bacteria, the usual suspects are toilet seats, door handles and equipment being used regularly but as this infographic demonstrates there are a host of other surfaces you would not expect to be full of harmful bacteria…..


Infographic courtesy of http://www.dustboxcleaning.co.uk/

Have a look at The Hygiene Company’s  highly rated products which can combat the spread of harmful bacteria.

Wet Wipes

Hand Wash


Women working out in the gym

No one likes to use a sweaty machine or bench some clammy weights. Here are 5 Top Tips too keep you on the right track in the gym.

1. Wipe down EVERY machine you use after you use it. Any good gym should have a wipe down policy and the correct equipment for you to follow it. This should include hygiene wipes or anti-bacterial hand wash. No one likes to use machines or weights which have not been wiped down properly, so you can decrease your chances of coming into contact with harmful bacteria by wiping down your machine and also keeping your hands washed.

2. Keep your changing room tidy and don’t leave rubbish around. The gym changing rooms can be a a busy place and not a nice place if litter and other gym detritus is left lying around. Food waste is a perfect place for hazardous bacteria to hang out, so if every one does their bit changing rooms can be a perfectly pleasant place to be.

3. Clean your Kit. Fungi love a dirty kit bag and gym wear. Wash your kit regularly to avoid nasty odours and the spread of harmful bacteria. Also don’t leave your sweaty gym kit in the bag for days after your session!
4. Shower after every workout. Modern gyms have pretty good showers these days so make the most of them and shower after every gym session. You have paid your membership so why not use the showers too!

5. If you are sick, stay at home. No one likes being ill but its even worse if you have caught something from going to the gym. Don’t ruin other gym goers day by sniffling over the machines.

For more information about how to keep clean at the gym visit our product pages…


The Cleaning Station

Did you know that more than 3 in 5 people only rinse their hands with water and not a recommended soap or hand wash? 

Hand hygiene is an important factor in employee, client and visitor wellbeing for your business. The range of hand wash products The Hygiene Company provide are proven to  increase adherence to hand hygiene routines. We offer products for every working environment including, office, workshop, medical and catering.

Our products working in tandem with a strong hand washing routine is sure to increase hand hygiene for any business. Please do get in touch to find out more about our brilliant hand wash products.

Here is the globally recognised routine for washing your hands from the World Health Organisation…

How to wash your hands.

How to wash your hands.

Image courtesy of http://www.cleanscape.ie/

Are you a non hand washer? Do you skip the soap? Does your washroom routine need some work? Here are some hygiene habits which will shock you… 

We all know personal hygiene is important, but how clean do you really think you are? A recent Health Hand Wash survey by the Bradley Corporation highlights the washroom habits of the general public. Take a look at the infographic below courtesy of http://www.cleanscape.ie/


How Clean Do You Think You Are?

Here at the Hygiene company we design, develop and manufacture the highest quality hygiene products so that the washroom stats of your clients will be improved no end. After all Convenience improves Compliance!


The Benefits of wipepod®The world’s most convenient hand and surface hygiene system is within arms reach. The wipepod® was specially designed with convenience in mind, meaning a hygienic environment is never far away. The wipepod® is the perfect hygiene essential for any working or domestic environment including Healthcare, Leisure, Education, Catering, Workshops and Offices.

Guaranteed to improve hand and surface hygiene compliance! The wipepod® is widely recognised as an essential part of equipment to all organisations If you don’t have the wipepod® at your facilities, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

Here at the Hygiene Company we know that convenience improves compliance and this is why the wipepod® is such a successful tool in raising hygiene standards in any environment. Unlike other manufacturers who sometimes outsource part of their manufacturing process to other companies, at The Hygiene Company we do everything ‘in house’ – from initial design, production, assembly and packaging, to final product full quality control auditing.

The wipepod® was designed to be quick, easy and effective to use meaning people are much more likely to use it when the time comes. In addition to the fantastic usability factor the wipepod® also boasts these enhanced features.

  • It is easy to install.
  • Requires no maintenance whatsoever.
  • It is quick and easy to wipe clean when necessary.
  • It is designed to deter thieves.
  • Allows facilities to openly display and offer wet wipes in a greater variety of locations within all organisations.
  • Is designed for use with disposable Hygiene Wipes™, which means you get the world’s best wipes and the world’s best wipes dispenser, all rolled into one!

Coming Soon! 

Currently under development is our new Stainless Steel wipe pod®. The sleek and stylish design is perfect for the premium hospitality and catering market.


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cleaning_mattersThe Hygiene Company have our company profile listed on the website Cleaning Matters. Listed on our profile are some interesting articles about our recent products including Wipepod, The Cleaning Station and The Hygiene Monitor.

You can view the full profile here http://www.cleaning-matters.co.uk/page_288691.asp

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