Biodrier vs hand towels

So you are in a bathroom, about to wash your hands and you have a decision to make, blue damp paper towels or a contact free high speed hand dryer. Surely that is an easy decision?

For the majority of people it is, the hand dryer wins every time. This is a decision which highlights an important feature of the Hygiene industry – First Impressions Count!

Whether its a sleek new Biodrier or a convenient and stylish WIPEPOD®, up to date bathroom equipment means a lot to end users. If they do not feel confident using your bathroom chances are they won’t be around to use it again.

Of course bathroom equipment is important but so too is bathroom hygiene and cleanliness. No one likes a dirty, poorly kept bathroom so to avoid this businesses must ensure regular maintenance. This is where our Hygiene Monitors come into their own, they signal the end of scruffy hand written maintenance charts and bring in 21st century technology to ensure bathrooms and washrooms are kept up to standard all year round.

To see how The Hygiene Company could help improve your washroom facilities get in touch with our friendly sales team.

Are you a non hand washer? Do you skip the soap? Does your washroom routine need some work? Here are some hygiene habits which will shock you… 

We all know personal hygiene is important, but how clean do you really think you are? A recent Health Hand Wash survey by the Bradley Corporation highlights the washroom habits of the general public. Take a look at the infographic below courtesy of


How Clean Do You Think You Are?

Here at the Hygiene company we design, develop and manufacture the highest quality hygiene products so that the washroom stats of your clients will be improved no end. After all Convenience improves Compliance!


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