Testimonials and Reviews

What customers are saying about the WIPEPOD® – the world’s best commercial wipes dispenser:

Barstable Aesthetics Clinic is a busy cosmetic treatment centre, seeing over 200 clients a week. The WipePod is a fantastic piece of equipment and essential in any clinical setting. We found it provided a quick and practical way to disinfect your hands between patients and yet doesn’t dry out hands like normal alcohol gel. An extra convenience to this product was the use of the wipes on surfaces and equipment, which is essential for infection control. The innovative and functional WipePod is now an integral part of our Aesthetics clinic.

Barstable Aesthetics Clinic

It kills 99.9% bacteria, it encourages customers to wipe down equipment, and the Wipes don’t fall to pieces like traditional cleaning equipment. Thanks again for a terrific product.

Kathy Abbott – RGN RM HV BSc(Hons)

Good perception by customers, good cleaning, easy, effective and economic.

John McCluskey – John Wright Sports Centre

Alex Saul – David Lloyd

“Above all, it is safe for our service users and does not pose any risk having it in place”

Claire Best – Dorset Healthcare

“Easy to use and dispense, and no fuss or spray”

Robin Hart – Greenwoods

“It conveys a powerful message to customers and staff about our commitment to hygiene”

Graham Bleach – Parkwood

“Orders are turned around quickly and efficiently”

Mike Rolton – Raw Health

“We would recommend the wipepod because it is practical”

Gina Vigas – Educogym Canary Wharf

“The wipepod is quick, easy, no cross-contamination amongst users… Great for surfaces and people”

Danielle Dickenson – Exquisite Beauty & Tanning

“It is hygienically effective, space saving and alcohol free”

Richard Clements – Fit4less Lisburn

“It assists in the daily fight against bacteria and germs”

Debra Pallet – Esporta

“The wipepod is a neat unit, easy to use, and visible”

James Ace – Esporta / Virgin Active

“Makes members aware that it is their responsibility, not just ours, to help keep the gym clean”

Laura Bailey – Esporta

Wipepods are safe and easy to use”

Mike Fernandez – Energie Fitness

“Very handy to have around, and multipurpose”

Abi Yates – Chalk Media

“Fast delivery, easy wipe dispenser. We administer travel vaccines; the wipepod has made the clean-up operation much slicker”

Keely Oake – Trialfinders

“The wipepod is so quick and easy for the users”

Richard Portman – Hilton Hotels

“Ease of use for customers”

Andrew Adan – Hilton Newcastle

“Very hygienic and professional”

Neil McDonald – Livingwell

“It’s hygienic, very professional, looks good, stands out, and is easy to use”

Neil – Hilton Hotel

“We would recommend the wipepod because it brings a sink and soap into the office,

meaning time is saved on clean ups and spills. Brilliant!”

Keely Oake – Trailfinders

“The wipes are easily dispensed and quickly accessible”

Energie Fitness, Hackney

“Easy to use, and no fuss or spray”

Robin Hart – Greenwoods Hotel

“It’s SO practical”

Gina – Educogym Canary Wharf

The award-winning wipepod®

What customers are saying about our Hygiene Wipes™:

“They clean well!”

James Bryon – Livingwell Fitness

“Convenient and easy disposal of wipes

Scott Carruthers – Hilton Hotels

“No need for spray bottles and tissue”

Slim Arbi – Hilton Hotels

“Quick and easy to use on all sorts of surfaces and hands”

Callum – Energie Fitness

Hygiene Wipes™ – helping to create a world of healthy solutions.

What customers are saying about our Hygiene Monitors:

“Just to let you know that I am very pleased with these Hygiene Monitors and also with the service that has been provided by Jonathan and Suzanne – Thanks for that.”

US Embassy, London.