The Future Of Cleaning

The Hygiene Company - Cleaning with communication

With the rapid advancement of technology both in the Food and Drink industry and the Facilities Management industry its easy to see why many companies end up neglecting the human side of workplace hygiene. 

Thanks to a great article from the European Cleaning Journal we know that technology is only one part of keeping your workplace clean and happy. Image is everything but this should always be backed up by great customer  service and communication. According to this article Ceris Burns International (a leading force in communications management) suggest a good service is always backed up by great communication.

When communication breaks down client satisfaction and employee morale can also take a nose dive. Cleaning contractors that want to survive and thrive need to promote a culture of openness and communication between their clients and cleaning staff.

Here at the Hygiene Company we know exactly how important first impressions are, but we also work very hard to make sure our second, third and fourth impressions are just as good. We are the company you can talk to, we are here to help via Phone, Email, Skype or Face to Face with one of our friendly sales teams.

To find out how friendly we really are or to test the quality of our products give us a ring on 0845 370 0030 to arrange a Free product demo.