Top Tips for Office Hygiene

keyboard in the office

In the modern work environment it is important that your office looks and operates as professionally as your staff. That is why Office Hygiene is an important factor in professional life.

Most of your employees probably spend most of their working day in contact with a telephone, desktop computer keyboard and monitor.

The majority of germs can be spread by touching office equipment, particularly if you share your desk. If one of your colleagues you work with comes into the office with cold or flu symptoms and touches equipment at work, this can transfer the virus. These viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours and therefore becomes an incubator and breeding ground for germs.

  • TelephonesWith constant use in a warm environment, telephones are ideal areas for bacteria to flourish and pose a health risk, particularly in the mouth piece and cradle.
  • Keyboard and mouseThe harmless keyboard you use on a daily basis is a harbour for germs and acts as a tray that catches unwanted bits of food, enough skin to fill a small cup, plus the hair we shed on a daily basis. Dirt and bacteria from your hands and mouth gets transferred easily on to your mouse.

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