Wet Wipes

Mobile wash basins that kill and remove 99.99 of germs and bacteria in seconds.

Gym, Kitchen, Industrial, Baby Change… We produce wipes to meet all requirements!

Have you ever bought a packet of wet wipes, found the first few to be lovely and moist, but then felt a bit conned as each wipe after that felt drier and drier? Not a nice feeling, is it? Poor value for money when it comes to purchasing hygiene wipes is a common complaint amongst consumers. Unless it’s Hygiene Wipes™ supplied by The Hygiene Company they’re talking about, that is:

Hygiene Wipes™

Hygiene Wipes

On average it takes 90+/- seconds to wash and thoroughly dry your hands. 

Using our Hygiene Wipes™ it takes just 12 – 15 seconds to carry out the same procedure. What’s more, they’re tested to kill Norovirus, MRSA, C Diff, E Coli, Salmonella and 99.9999% of a wide range of other bacteria. Read More

Wipes That Tick all the Boxes

Kitchen Wipes

Perfect for general use within kitchens.

Cut through grime and grease! Safe to use on everyday kitchen countertops, inside/outside of appliances (fridges, microwaves…), and to thoroughly clean sinks, kitchen tiles, splash backs, stovetops, range hoods, and more. Read More

Grime Wipes

Tough on grease and grime, but kind on your hands.

Grime on the skin is a horrible feeling, isn’t it? On your hands, arms, face, neck… Don’t worry; getting rid of grime quickly and effectively is now much easier thanks to Grime-Away™ wipes. Read More

Baby Wipes

Alcohol-free, baby soft, anti-bacterial protection.

You’re a busy parent. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. You need baby care products that work first time, every time (and do a brilliant job). Baby Wipes from The Hygiene Company won’t let you down. Read More


Kills 99.99% of Bacteria

Tested to kill Norovirus, MRSA, C Diff, E Coli, Salmonella + 99.9999% of a wide range of other bacteria. Tested to be food safe and skin safe.


Kitchen Wipes

Hygiene Wipes™ for the kitchen. In the Kitchen environment you want to ensure you have the best of the best and we believe we bring you just that.

Wipes Manufacture

As manufactures of impregnated wipes we are often approached by many different chemical suppliers, asking that we used their product within our wipes.

Alcohol Free

Alcohol Free, Destroys germs & bacteria, long lasting. An extremely effective alcohol free product which offers multi purpose hand & hard surface cleaning and sanitising.

Up to 30 days protection on surface

STERiZAR® is an antibacterial sanitiser, alcohol free, with advanced barrier technology, which means for a minimum period of 30 days any surface treated with STERiZAR® will remain contamination.

Ultra fast way of cleaning

On average it takes 90+/- seconds to wash and thoroughly dry your hands using soap, water and hand dryer. Using our Hygiene Wipes™ it takes just 12 – 15 seconds to carry out the same procedure.

Save Money

…Not just on avoiding wasting money through purchasing inferior quality wipes, but also through reducing illness-related absenteeism amongst your staff each year (infection and cross-contamination caused by poor hand and surface hygiene is a major cause of this). Hygiene Wipes™ from us are alcohol-free, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-flammable, non-corrosive and continue to protect well after use.
Our Hygiene Wipes™ used in conjunction with the wipepod® guarantee to help save you money. The wipes can be used to clean hands and work surfaces making them: the only wipes you’ll ever need.

Consider This...

On average it takes 90+/- seconds to wash and thoroughly dry your hands using soap, water and a hand dryer. Using our Hygiene Wipes™ it takes just 12-15 seconds to perform the same procedure. Making good hand and surface hygiene practise quick, easy and convenient is proven to increase adherence to hygiene compliance in the workplace (for customers, visitors and staff). It’s no surprise, then, that recyclable Hygiene Wipes™ from us are always so in demand by businesses and organisations everywhere (gyms, offices, hot desking, fast food…). What’s more, we’ve made compliance even easier by also developing the wipepod® – recognised as the world’s best commercial impregnated wipes dispenser.

Consider This...
  • Having purchased a wipepod®, our wipes are delivered (4 rolls per box) in airtight sealed bags (500 wipes at 24cm x 28cm, or 1250 wipes 13.3cm x 25cm)
  • Simply place the wipes into the wipepod®, cut a small hole in the bag, pull the first wipe through the tear insert, and close the wipepod®
  • This way you are not every time re-purchasing the tub or the bucket that most wipe companies supply their wipes in
Contact us for more information about your specific order but, as an example:

A pallet of 500 wipes is:
90 boxes
Pallet length = 1.2m
Pallet width = 1m
Pallet height = 1.95m (excl. sample pack)
Pallet weight = approx. 90 x 7.6kg = 684kg plus 36kg for pallet. Total = 720kg

“Quick and easy to use on all sorts of surfaces and hands”
Callum – Energie Fitness
“Safer than using a spray in the gym for wiping down machines after use”
Steward Hunter – South Lanarkshire Leisure
“The wipepod / Hygiene Wipes combination works, disinfects, and doesn’t smell antiseptic, which gives confidence to our customers”
Chris Storer – Scarborough Borough Council

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