Industrial grime wipes

Kind on your hands, tough on grease and grime

When working with tools, machinery and parts, getting grime on your hands and skin is often part of the package. With Grime-Away™ grime wipes from The Hygiene Company, it’s now quicker than ever to eliminate grime on your skin and your equipment.

(Industrial) Grime Wipes
Removes stubborn stains

After using Grime-Away™ heavy-duty wipes, you will be left with skin that feels marvellously clean, moisturised and soft. Grime-Away™ wipes feature a textured side to quickly remove grime, grease and dirt, and a softer side for sensitive skin.


What’s more, Grime-Away™ wipes can also be used in conjunction with the award-winning Wipepod®, putting your wipes at arm’s reach.

Clean tools and equipment

Hand tools, power tools and machinery all last longer if properly looked after. This means ensuring that they’re properly clean after every use.
Before Grime-Away™ wipes from The Hygiene Company, wiping away grime from equipment and machinery wasn’t always easy. There simply wasn’t a wipe on the market that stood up to the task. The arrival of Grime-Away™ wipes has changed this. Now grime eradication takes half the time.

Great for equipment and surface cleaning (it’s a ‘convenience thing’!)

Work Surfaces
Service Vehicles
To quickly remove:
Dirt, grime, soil, grease, stains, soot, grunge, dust…
Transformer Oils
Cable Gels
Oxide Inhibitors
HDD Pipe Thread Grease

We’re happy to provide copies of the Material Safety Data Sheets for any of our products. To request a copy, please contact us.

You can purchase Grime-Away™ wet wipe directly from us or from our Distributors.