Nursing Wipes

Our Nursing Wipes provide gentle cleaning for patients, are alcohol free, unscented and have no added antibacterial agents. These moisturising, soft wipes are suitable for regular use and are perfect for the WIPEPOD®.

Nursing Wipes are ideal for use in continence care and refresh patients with their safe pH balanced formulation. They don’t dry out too quickly, and don’t leave moisture behind. They’re safe for use on patients with sensitive skin.

They are:
A super soft moisturising wipe intended for use on patient’s skin
Large size
Suitable for sensitive skin
Unscented with no anti-bacterial additives
Dispense easily from the packet
Don’t dry out too quickly and don’t leave moisture behind
Can be used in conjunction with WIPEPOD®
And, with our wipes, you won’t have to worry about reactions/rashes, or the wipes being too thin or suddenly tearing. And you won’t have to worry about cost…

We’re happy to provide copies of the Material Safety Data Sheets for any of our products. To request a copy, please contact us.

Our hugely popular Wipes are competitively priced, and they are often described by our customers as being just as good, if not better, than the expensive ones available to buy elsewhere.
You can purchase our Baby Wipes directly from our Distributors.

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