Wet Wipes Station

Introducing the versatile, convenient and free standing Wet Wipe Station. The Wet Wipe Station is a stylish addition to many professional environments including offices, workshops, gyms, supermarkets and kitchens. It is designed to hold up to 1000 ‘gentle on the skin’ hygiene wipes which can help reduce the spread of harmful diseases such as e.coli and salmonella. To prevent any mess the Wet Wipe Station also provides a convenient disposal bin (21 litre).

Wet Wipes Station has a 21 litre bin.

Dispenser Size: 32cm (diameter)  x 122cm

Dispenser weight unpackaged: 11.75kg

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wet wipes station

Wet Wipe Dispenser

The Wet Wipe Station houses up to 1000 hand towels or hygiene wipes completely out of site. The Wet Wipe Station is also capable of holding de-greasing wipes for the more industrial environments.

Weighted Base

The Wet Wipe Station is kept in place by an integrated weighted base.

Hidden Rubbish Receptacle

Beneath the wet wipe dispenser is housed a fitted waste receptacle (21 litre) which can be removed and emptied with ease.

FUll of Colour

We can offer production in a range of colours and the product can even be produced in company colours and branding.

wet wipes station for gym


The Wet Wipe Station is a great addition to any gym. It provides a practical and neat solution for gym users whilst is bold design is sure to improve customer hygiene compliance.

Workplace hygiene wipe


Workplace hygiene is always important, why not increase hygiene compliance around the office with handy wet wipes.

wet wipe grime


the Wet Wipe Station is always available for any hand hygiene needs.

wet wipes catering


Impress the hygiene inspector! A permanent and convenient housing for kitchen hygiene wipes is always going to impress any inspectors. It also provides a perfect solution to wipes disposal.

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