The WIPEPOD® – Its natural environment


The WIPEPOD® was developed to be as versatile and convenient as possible so you might come across it anywhere! These places are the natural habitat of the WIPEPOD®…

The Gym 

Gyms are a constant hive of activity, people benching weights, running on treadmills and working hard on rowing machines. With all this effort being exerted its not surprising machines and equipment can feel a bit ‘used’! Many gyms are now finding the WIPEPOD® to be the easiest way for people to wipe down equipment. It makes things so easy, non of the usual hunting for wipes or a spray. The WIPEPOD® can be fixed to most walls so everybody knows where it is. After all Convenience Improves Compliance!

The Workshop

Grime, oil, dirt and dust… workshops are sometimes dirty places to be. The WIPEPOD® can handle all of this, with its sturdy outer casing and its powerful grime beating wipes the WIPEPOD® can really make the difference in your workshop or garage.

The Kitchen

Busy, fast paced and sometimes messy, the kitchen is the perfect environment for the WIPEPOD®. Wiping down surfaces and equipment is an important part of the job and can often take time. The WIPEPOD® makes this process a quick and easy task. It makes those valuable wipes easy to reach and quick to deploy.

So there you have it, the WIPEPOD® really is a natural in every environment!