Wipepod® Wet Wipes Dispenser

The Award-Winning Wipepod®

Guaranteed to improve hand and surface hygiene compliance! The wipe pod® is widely recognised as an essential part of equipment to all organisations If you don’t have the wipe pod® at your facilities, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

The low-cost, practical Wipepod®

The Wipepod® - Guaranteed

Improves both staff and customer perception of your organisation

Kills and removes germs and bacteria

Helps prevent cross-contamination

PROVEN to increase compliance to hand and surface hygiene

Low cost, practical, readily available, puts hand & surface wipes always within arm’s reach

Safe on hands, surfaces and equipment

Looks at home in all environments

60 day satisfaction guarantee – lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect, vandalism or theft

Don't just kill it, remove it

is a wall-mounted dispenser that holds 500 wipes at 24cm x 28cm, or we can offer you 1250 wipes at 13.3cm x 25cm

is an amazingly convenient means by which to increase and maintain compliance to simple yet effective hygiene procedures (convenience always improves compliance)

plays a critical role in maintaining healthy staff and customers, which in turn means your business is more productive (with less people being away sick)

is designed so that recyclable Hygiene Wipes™* (that are safe on skin, surfaces and equipment) are always readily available, within arm’s reach

can also be used in conjunction with Kitchen Wipes, Grime-Away™Wipes and Baby Wipes

The Benefits

The Wipepod® is in effect the ‘mobile wash hand basin’ – it can be made freely available in all areas

Not just for cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting hands, Hygiene Wipes™ are also surface wipes to clean, disinfect and remove organic material

Each wipe is guaranteed to remain moist from the very first to the very last wipe

Hygiene Wipes™ ‘4 in 1’ sink, soap, water, dryer

Hygiene Wipes™ up to 1250 impregnated wipes per roll

Tried & Tested. Recommended by 100% of all facilities whereby this service is operational.

Launched just four years ago, and already widely recognised as an essential part of equipment to all organisations, the award-winning Wipepod® is the world’s best commercial impregnated wipes dispenser. Huge organisations, such as the NHS, Aviva, British Gas, National Grid, the De Vere Group, Nuffield Health as well as hundreds of gyms, healthcare centres, offices, kitchens, petrol garages, fast food outlets, and supermarkets across the UK use the Wipepod®, for reasons that are almost too numerous to mention.

Wipepod® - the hygiene company

* We offer a next day delivery on orders for Hygiene Wipes™ received by 15.00 on any working day After a six-month trial, Aviva chose the Wipepod® to roll out in all 67 of their UK buildings (almost 1,000 units). Aviva acknowledges the importance of maintaining and improving staff and customer well-being. How important is that to you?

Wipepod® - the hygiene company
The Wipepod® is no ordinary Wet Wipes Dispenser

How seriously do you take cleanliness and good hygiene control within your facilities? If we guaranteed we could improve it further still, would that be of interest to you? Of course it would! Investing in a Wipepods® would enable you to do exactly that. Wipepods® are proven to increase compliance to hand and surface hygiene. What’s more, they look at home in all environments, come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect, vandalism or theft. Improve your hygiene standards for ever, in one stroke As wall-mounted dispensers (using four securing screws – not supplied), Wipepods® are easy to install. Your Wipepod® from us will:
Be made from Polypropylene impregnated with silver biocides (these work as a bacteria cell penetrant, disrupting key cell functions so that micro-organisms are unable to grow or reproduce)
Contain an instructional backing board to be displayed above or beside your unit, and can be  custom branded (available in volume), if that’s what you’d like Wipes + Wipepod®
Having purchased the Wipepods®, our wipes are delivered (four rolls per box) in airtight sealed bags
Simply place the wipes into the Wipepods®, cut a small hole in the bag, pull the first wipe through the tear insert, and close the Wipepod®
This way you are not every time re-purchasing the tub or the bucket that most wipe companies supply their wipes in

Check out our customised product service

Don’t put lives at risk. Make hand and surface hygiene a priority.

Creating the Wipepod® took a £100,000 investment and seven years of intensive research, design and development, but our customers tell us time and time again that the end result was well worth it. The advantages it offers are numerous:

  • Visual re-assurance to both staff and customers
  • Top feed ensures wipes are pulled on an individual basis
  • Low cost and far more practical than the paper towel and disinfectant spray bottle
  • Can be produced in company colours
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Reduces paper waste, is cost-effective and environmentally friendly
  • Keyless locking system
The Wipepod® – A no risk purchase

Every Wipepod® comes with a:

  • 60-Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee


  • A lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect, vandalism or theft
Wipepod® - the hygiene company

We recommend and encourage purchases through our distribution network. We support our distributors at every level and believe that they too can offer you the support and assistance you require.

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