Why Wipepod®?

‘Hygiene Heaven’ – At the flip of a Wipepod® Lid! Guaranteed to increase compliance to simple yet effective Hygiene procedures within your facilities.

No dry wipes. No spray bottle. No mixing required. Once you’ve invested in a Wipepod®, you’ll think: “I should have done this years ago!”

Ready for a quick chemistry lesson?

Silver biocides – similar to Microban technology – are built into our products during the manufacturing process, becoming an intrinsic part of the product inside and at the surface. The antimicrobial then works as a cell penetrant, disrupting key cell functions so that micro-organisms are unable to grow or reproduce.


If, for example, you are a health worker, having Hygiene Wipes™ from a Wipepod® always within arm’s reach will give you confidence that during your shift you can maintain hand and work surface hygiene to the highest standards. Cleaning will be almost absurdly faster, easier, more convenient, more thorough and longer-lasting compared to any other method that you’ve previously tried.

So many advantages

As well as being low cost, the Wipepod®:
Kills and removes germs and bacteria from hands and work surfaces
Can be easily placed just about anywhere (using our Wipepod® wall & mobile equipment attachable built-in mounting system allows facilities to store and display wipes in a larger variety of locations)
Is incredibly convenient (helping to promote use and compliance)

Wipepod® - the hygiene company
Why a Wipepod® Wins every time?

Handwash gels are cheap, convenient and kill germs and bacteria; but they don’t actually remove germs and bacteria, and they can’t be used on surfaces.
Hand washing with soap and water (and then drying) kills and removes germs and bacteria from hands, but it can be inconvenient, time consuming, and few people dry their hands thoroughly.
After cleaning hand and / or work surfaces using a Wipepod®, the aforementioned cleaning methods (and others) will seem almost archaic.

The Wipepod® – A no risk purchase
Every Wipepod® comes with a:

60-Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
A lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect, vandalism or theft

Wipepod® - the hygiene company

“I would recommend the Wipepod® because it is easy to fit to the wall, easy to refill, and the wipes are securely contained once refilled (meaning no-one can walk off with them).”
Joanna Malam – B Hygienic

We recommend and encourage purchases through our distribution network. We support our distributors at every level and believe that they too can offer you the support and assistance you require.