Wipepod® Design

Organisations everywhere are ‘Going Wipepod'” Why aren’t you?


The wipes dispenser that makes a big difference… Guaranteed!


Award-winning, instantly recognisable and SO easy to use Improves both staff and customer perception of your organisation


Is there anything more powerful than simplicity? At The Hygiene Company, we don’t think so. Simplicity has always been at the core of our design ethos. This is exemplified entirely in the award-winning WIPEPOD® – a custom designed and patented, sealed injection-moulded Polypropylene dispenser for use in both commercial and domestic environments.


At the outset, one of our main objectives was to provide an aesthetically pleasing dispenser that would be at home in all environments. Too large and it becomes obtrusive, too small and it is ineffective – all things considered, we feel that we have achieved our objective.

Designed to be in keeping with our mission

At The Hygiene Company, we believe that if a hand or surface hygiene product is highly effective while still being quick and easy to use, people will be more likely to use it. The spreading of harmful (and even sometimes fatal) germs and bacteria will be greatly reduced. Making thorough and long-lasting cleaning super-easy and completely hassle-free has always been our goal. The wipepod® offers any type of workplace or domestic setting exactly that: hygiene made simple.

Wipepod® - the hygiene company
What else makes the Wipepod® design so special, so unique?

How about this…

The Wipepod®
  •  Is easy to install
  •  Requires no maintenance whatsoever
  •  Is quick and easy to wipe clean, when necessary
  •  Is designed to deter thieves*
  •  Allows facilities to openly display and offer wet wipes in a greater variety of locations within all organisations
  •  Is designed for use with disposable Hygiene Wipes™, which means you get the world’s best wipes and the world’s best wipes dispenser, all rolled into one!

* Its theft-deterrent design makes it suitable for placement in high traffic areas, such as patient rooms, procedure rooms, exam rooms, emergency and triage areas…
The Wipepod’s lockable bracket makes it easily attachable to: walls, IV poles, wheelchairs, gurneys and stretchers, medication carts, isolation carts, and anaesthesia carts.

  • The Wipepod® is lightweight, solid, compact and robust
  • Available in a range of colour ways / corporate colours
  • Small enough to be unobtrusive – large enough to get noticed
  • Wall mounted, static, desk top or trolley, limitless opportunities…
  • Holds 500 wipes at 24cm x 28cm, or we can offer you 1250 wipes at 13.3cm x 25cm
  • Guaranteed to remain moist from the first to the last wipe
  • Top feed design ensures wipes are dispensed on an individual basis
  • Keyless locking system
  • Unlike hand dryers, the Wipepod® is quiet and quick (wash, sanitise and dry your hands in seconds – typically 12 / 15 seconds)
  • Hand and surface hygiene readily available at the flip of a lid
  • Avoid queuing in the Washrooms!
The Wipepod® – A no risk purchase

Every Wipepod® comes with a:

  • 60-Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee


  • A lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect, vandalism or theft
Wipepod® - the hygiene company

“I would recommend the Wipepod® because it is easy to fit to the wall, easy to refill, and the wipes are securely contained once refilled (meaning no-one can walk off with them).”
Joanna Malam – B Hygienic

We recommend and encourage purchases through our distribution network. We support our distributors at every level and believe that they too can offer you the support and assistance you require.